Show Choir Select Contest Guidelines

*4 Divisions (Junior High, Unisex, Small Mixed, and Large Mixed).

*Each group will perform once, no finals round.

*Performance order will be determined based on the postmark of the registration fee.

*Each group will have 30 minutes to set-up, perform, and clear the stage for the next group. 

*Groups will have a 20 minute warm-up period prior to their performance


*A 4x4 or 4x3 riser set-up will be provided.  Any additional risers must be supplied and set-up by the performing group.

*5 highly qualified judges, currently teaching or retired in the show choir industry will judge a comprehensive score sheet.

*Raw scores will be converted to rank, to determine winners of each division.  The highest raw vocal score will be used to break an overall tie.

*Accompaniment tracks will not be allowed in any division.

*Only 1 adult instrumentalist is allowed in order to be eligible for best combo.  

*Lighting cues will be provided for each group to enhance their performance.